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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Police Cars and Candy Bandits

As I mentioned, I am a mom to three boys. My middle son decided he wanted a police theme party for turning four. There isn't much out there to choose from in way of this theme for partyware. I ended up ordering it online after searching our local party retailers, so easy enough. I decided to make his cake using the Wilton car cruiser pan. With the cake being so deep, I made sure to do a test run on the cake and it turned out well. I knew the car wouldn't be enough cake for everyone, so I also baked three 9" round cakes and placed the car on top of them. I tinted my icing to make the round cakes look like a stop light. My son was thrilled with his cake and the fact that I made it for him. Mission accomplished!

For favors, I made badges for the kids out of cardboard and aluminum foil. I then used a sharpie to write their names on each badge. In their goodie bags were a notebook and pen for writing tickets, a whistle to stop the "bad guys" and some candy.

Games included pin the badge on the policeman. The policeman was an outline of my son with a hat and badge to guide the kids. We also played a candy caper game where someone stole the candy for the party. He left clues where the candy was hidden by footprints. The kids followed the footprints taped to the floor to find candy stashed in different locations around the house. Lastly, we did a pinata so they had lots of candy to take home!

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