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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back when we were One

Last year my youngest turned one and we had a farm theme party. This was all based on a cake that I loved. A very talented lady made the barn cake and the cow smash cake just for the birthday boy. To go alongside the farm animal decor, I added a vase of branches with wallet size photos of my little one over the past year. I attached them to construction paper and hole punched the corners to fit on the branches. I put rocks in the vase to anchor. I also made a banner of construction paper with basic sized photos of my son throughout his first year of life. This was hung in the entry to the kitchen with photos on both sides. It was a fun birthday!

Super Mario!

My oldest son recently turned seven. It's hard to believe he's growing so fast. But I know we all feel that way about our kids. He is one to change his mind regularly, so after I'd been planning a Lego party for weeks, he changes to Super Mario. Back to the drawing board! You can only find party supplies for this theme at birthday express, so we ordered from there. I must say it is well worth the price for their goodie boxes. They are cute, durable, and a joy for boys and girls of every age! They come stocked with Mario notebooks, box of crayons, two tattoos per box, and noise putty. I think the noise putty alone would be a hit. I also purchased chocolate gold coins to add to the goodie boxes.

I again made the cake for this party. I used two 9" rounds for the base, two 6" rounds for the middle, and stacked three oreos for each marshmallow mountain on the top. I piped the details and used nutty bars and brown fondant for other details. I also piped mushrooms and used chewy sweet tarts for other decorations. It turned out pretty well! The figures were purchased on Ebay.

For favors, I bought foam visors and decorated them with an M for Mario, L for Luigi, and P for Princess Peach. I used face paint to paint mustaches on the boys and hearts on the girls. The kids wore these for the duration of the party and had a great time.

Games included Yoshi's egg hunt. I used Easter eggs filled with varying amounts of plastic gold coins. There was a prize egg and a Princess Peach prize egg filled to the brim with coins. The guests then counted coins and "won" prizes such as sticky hands, slap bracelets, plastic slinkys, and lanyards. We also had a Boo's bean bag toss and pin the moustache on Mario. I used a template for drawing Mario from that worked like a charm to get a great looking Mario if I do say so!

Next on the party agenda is Elmo for my youngest son's second birthday in June..... I'm already making notes and ideas.

Police Cars and Candy Bandits

As I mentioned, I am a mom to three boys. My middle son decided he wanted a police theme party for turning four. There isn't much out there to choose from in way of this theme for partyware. I ended up ordering it online after searching our local party retailers, so easy enough. I decided to make his cake using the Wilton car cruiser pan. With the cake being so deep, I made sure to do a test run on the cake and it turned out well. I knew the car wouldn't be enough cake for everyone, so I also baked three 9" round cakes and placed the car on top of them. I tinted my icing to make the round cakes look like a stop light. My son was thrilled with his cake and the fact that I made it for him. Mission accomplished!

For favors, I made badges for the kids out of cardboard and aluminum foil. I then used a sharpie to write their names on each badge. In their goodie bags were a notebook and pen for writing tickets, a whistle to stop the "bad guys" and some candy.

Games included pin the badge on the policeman. The policeman was an outline of my son with a hat and badge to guide the kids. We also played a candy caper game where someone stole the candy for the party. He left clues where the candy was hidden by footprints. The kids followed the footprints taped to the floor to find candy stashed in different locations around the house. Lastly, we did a pinata so they had lots of candy to take home!

Getting started

Hello! This is my first ever attempt at starting a blog. I've been inspired by ones such as TomKat Studio and Pluff Mudd Studio to start my own. They have all things cute, fun, sassy, but very little for boys. As a mom of ALL boys, I wanted to put my ideas and those others have out there for sharing. I hope to get posts up soon of recent birthday parties my boys had, with another coming at the first of June.